|| Om Hreem Kshraum Hum Khagaya Vasasaya Vidmahe Kalananaya Dhimahi Tanno Kalabhairava Prachodayat ||

|| ॐ ह्रीं क्ष्रौं हूं खगय वाससाय विद्महे कालाननाय धीमहि तन्नो कालभैरव प्रचोदयात् ||

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Who is Kala bhairav ?

Kalabhairava is a fierce and powerful form of Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. Kalabhairava is often regarded as the “Lord of Time” and is known for his role in maintaining the order of the universe. He is considered a guardian deity, a protector of his devotees, and a dispeller of fear and obstacles.

Here are some key aspects and characteristics of Lord Kalabhairava:

  1. Fierce Appearance: Kalabhairava is typically depicted with a dark complexion and a fierce demeanor. He is often portrayed with a garland of human skulls around his neck, symbolizing the transient nature of life and death. He carries a trident, a drum (damaru), and a sword.
  2. Lord of Time: Kalabhairava is closely associated with the concept of time. He is believed to have control over the past, present, and future, signifying his role in the cosmic order. Devotees seek his blessings for better time management and to overcome the effects of unfavorable planetary influences.
  3. Protector of Sacred Places: Lord Kalabhairava is believed to be the guardian of sacred places and pilgrimage sites. Temples dedicated to him are often located at prominent pilgrimage destinations, where he is worshipped as the protector of the holy land.
  4. Dispeller of Fear: Devotees turn to Kalabhairava to overcome fear and anxiety. His fierce form is believed to instill courage and inner strength in those who seek his protection.
  5. Remover of Obstacles: Kalabhairava is revered as the remover of obstacles and impediments in one’s life journey. Devotees pray to him for the removal of challenges and delays in their endeavors.
  6. Worship and Devotion: Devotees of Kalabhairava observe special rituals, pujas, and fasts on dedicated occasions like Kalabhairava Jayanti. His worship is believed to bring blessings, protection, and spiritual growth.
  7. Cultural and Regional Significance: Kalabhairava is particularly revered in certain regions of India, and he has his own dedicated temples and festivals. Varanasi, also known as Kashi, is a significant center of Kalabhairava worship.

Kalabhairava Jayanthi 2023

Kalabhairava Jayanti is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava, a fierce and powerful form of Lord Shiva. This festival is observed on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of the moon) in the month of Margashirsha, which typically falls in December or January of the Gregorian calendar. 

On Kalabhairava Jayanti, devotees observe fasts, visit Kalabhairava temples, and perform special prayers and rituals. They offer flowers, incense, and food to Lord Kalabhairava and seek his blessings for protection and the removal of obstacles in their lives. Special pujas and homa’s (fire rituals) are also performed in his honour.

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Significance of Kalabhairava Jayanthi

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  • Worship of Lord Kalabhairava: Kalabhairava is considered the Lord of Time and the protector of his devotees. On Kalabhairava Jayanthi, devotees worship him with devotion and seek his blessings for protection and removing obstacles in their lives.
  • Overcoming Fear and Negativity: Lord Kalabhairava is often depicted as a fierce deity, and his worship is believed to help individuals overcome their fears and negative influences. Devotees pray to him to dispel fear and anxiety and to gain inner strength.
  • Control of Time: Kalabhairava is the Lord of Time, and his blessings are sought for better time management, efficiency, and success in endeavours. Devotees believe that by worshipping him, they can gain control over time and be more productive in their daily lives.
  • Removal of Obstacles: Devotees believe that worshipping Kalabhairava can remove obstacles, delays, and hindrances in various aspects of life, including career, education, and personal well-being.
  • Spiritual Growth: For many devotees, Kalabhairava Jayanthi is a time for introspection and spiritual growth. It is an opportunity to reevaluate one’s life, set new goals, and seek divine guidance and protection on one’s spiritual journey.

Benefits of participating in Kalabhairava Jayanthi

Participating in Kalabhairava Jayanthi, the festival dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava, can offer several benefits to devotees. Here are some of the potential benefits of observing and participating in this auspicious occasion:

    1. Blessings of Lord Kalabhairava: One of the primary benefits is the blessings and divine grace of Lord Kalabhairava. Devotees believe that by participating in the festival and performing rituals, they can receive the protection and guidance of this powerful deity.
    2. Overcoming Fear and Negativity: Lord Kalabhairava is associated with the dispelling of fear and negative influences. By participating in Kalabhairava Jayanthi, devotees seek his assistance in overcoming their fears and anxieties, leading to greater mental peace and well-being.
    3. Removal of Obstacles: Worshipping Kalabhairava is believed to help in the removal of obstacles and hindrances in one’s life. Participating in the festival and offering prayers can help devotees overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
    4. Time Management and Efficiency: Lord Kalabhairava is the Lord of Time, and his blessings are sought for better time management and efficiency. Devotees aim to gain control over their schedules and use their time more productively.
    5. Spiritual Growth: Kalabhairava Jayanthi is an opportunity for devotees to engage in spiritual practices, introspection, and meditation. It can serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the divine.
    6. Cultural Significance: For those who celebrate Kalabhairava Jayanthi as a community or regional festival, it can promote cultural cohesion and strengthen cultural traditions. It is a time for people to come together and participate in cultural and religious activities.
    7. Protection during Travels: Kalabhairava is also considered the protector of travellers. By participating in the festival, individuals may seek his blessings for safe journeys and protection during their travels.
    8. Positive Energy and Inner Strength: The act of participating in the rituals and prayers on Kalabhairava Jayanthi can instil a sense of positivity and inner strength in devotees, helping them face challenges with resilience.
    9. Improved Decision-Making: Devotees believe that Lord Kalabhairava’s guidance can lead to better decision-making and help them choose the right path in life.
    10. Reduction of Negative Karma: It is believed that worshipping Kalabhairava can lead to the purification of negative karmas and help individuals progress spiritually.


Archana is a devotional ritual in which sacred prayers and hymns are recited in praise of a deity, typically accompanied by the offering of flowers. Performing Archana at temples is a common practice among devotees to express their love, gratitude, and seek the blessings of the divine.

Significance of Archana at Temples:

  1. Personal Connection: Archana allows devotees to establish a personal and direct connection with the deity, fostering a sense of intimacy and love in the worshipper-deity relationship.

  2. Expressing Gratitude: Through Archana, devotees express their gratitude for the divine blessings received and seek continued guidance, protection, and prosperity.

  3. Spiritual Upliftment: The act of chanting sacred names during Archana has a purifying effect on the mind, promoting spiritual growth and inner peace.

Archana at temples is not merely a ritual; it is a profound spiritual experience that brings devotees closer to the divine. It serves as a reminder of the eternal bond between the worshipper and the worshipped, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

REcommended Homam on Tamil New Year 2023

Performing a homam (Homa or Yajna) is a sacred Hindu ritual involving the offering of materials into a consecrated fire. Different homam’s are performed for various purposes, such as seeking blessings, prosperity, good health, and removal of obstacles. Here are a few homam’s that are commonly recommended for different purposes:

Ganesha Homam ( Ganesh Fire Ritual )


Ganesha Homam (Ganesha Fire Ritual)

Lord Ganesha is also known as Ganapathi, Vigneshwara, Vinayaka, Ekdant, Lambodara, Gajanana, etc…

It is most auspicious to pray before the start of any work. Invoking his blessings will help us to remove the obstacles and spread happiness in our life.

Performing Ganesha Homa annually is believed to bestow prosperity, good health, and wealth upon the devotee. This sacred ritual is particularly auspicious for individuals seeking improved opportunities in their career, business endeavors, marriage, and family prospects.

Benefits of performing Ganesha Homam (Ganesha Fire Ritual):
  1.  To get rid of all the obstacles in their life and to lead a beautiful life.
  2.  To get rid of wealth-related issues.
  3.  To enlighten the spiritual life.
  4.  To lead a happy life with all the wealth that one requires and good health.
  5.  To win over any situation in their life.
Ganesha Mantra:

“Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Klom Gum Ganapathayei
Vara Varada Sarva Janame Vasa Manaya Swaha”

Note: This Homam will be performed at a powerful temple.

Dhanvantri Homam ( Dhanvantri Fire Ritual )


Benefits of Dhanvantri Homam (Dhanvantri Fire Ritual):

  1. Health and Healing:
    • Invoke divine energies for physical and mental well-being.
  2. Disease Prevention:
    • Seek Lord Dhanvantri’s blessings to prevent and overcome illnesses.
  3. Medical Prosperity:
    • Enhance the effectiveness of medical treatments and interventions.
  4. Ayurvedic Wisdom:
    • Gain insights into Ayurvedic practices and holistic healing.
  5. Spiritual Harmony:
    • Attain spiritual balance and harmony in life.

Astalakshmi Homam ( Astalakshmi Fire Ritual )

Astalakshmi Homam
Astalakshmi is the 8 forms of Lakshmi. Astalakshmi Homam (Astalakshmi Fire Ritual) Gives Abundance of Wealth, Fortune & Prosperity. To invoke the blessing of all 8 forms of Lakshmi’s one should perform this once a year.
  1. Aadi Lakshmi – the first form of Lakshmi, blesses one wisdom and wealth.
  2. Dhana Lakshmi – the second form of Lakshmi, blesses one with character, talent and virtues.
  3. Dhanya Lakshmi – the third form of Lakshmi, blesses one with a healthy mind and body.
  4. Gaja Lakshmi – the fourth form of Lakshmi, blesses one with prosperity and abundant royalty.
  5. Santana Lakshmi – the fifth form of Lakshmi, blesses one with progeny and the joy of parenting.
  6. Veera Lakshmi – the sixth form of Lakshmi, blesses one with power, strength and courage.
  7. Vidhya Lakshmi – the seventh form of Lakshmi, blesses one with all-around education and knowledge in arts and sciences.
  8. Vijaya Lakshmi – the eighth form of Lakshmi, blesses one with victory in all aspects of life.

Benefits of performing Astalakshmi Homam (Astalakshmi Fire Ritual):

  • Provides relief from financial woes as it blesses you with abundance and self-sufficiency.
  • Get the blessings of eight forms of Mahalakshmi for all-round progress and sustenance


Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namah

Note: This Homam will be performed at a powerful temple.

Maha Pratyangira Devi Homam ( Maha Pratyangira Devi Fire Ritual )


Origin and Form: Derived from the third eye of Lord Shiva, Maha Pratyangira Devi embodies the combined power of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Sakthi. Symbolizing both lion and human aspects, she emerges as a potent force in Hindu mythology.

Holistic Benefits: Experience a myriad of benefits through Maha Pratyangira Devi Homam, especially designed for spiritual purification and overall well-being.

  1. Protection and Warding Off Enemies:
    • Seek divine intervention for shielding against adversaries and ensuring protection from all quarters.
  2. Banishing Negativity and Evil Forces:
    • Harness the energy of the homam to dispel black magic, negative forces, and malevolent energies.
  3. Healing from Illness and Mental Traumas:
    • Invoke the goddess for recovery from ailments and mental distress, fostering holistic healing.
  4. Overcoming Life Obstacles:
    • Remove mental blocks, prevent accidents, and overcome delays in pregnancy or marriage.
  5. Promoting Peace and Prosperity:
    • Channel the divine energy to cultivate peace, prosperity, and tranquility in your life.

Maha Prathyangira Devi Homam Mantra: Recite the powerful mantra during the homam, invoking the goddess’s fierce yet benevolent energy.

Om Ksham Krishna Vasase, Simha Vadhane, Maha Vadhane, Maha Bhairavi, Sarva Shatru Karma Vidhdwamsini, Paramanthra Chetini, Sarva Bhootha Dhamani, Sarva Bhoothaam Pandha Pandha, Sarva Vignyaan Sindhi Sindhi, Sarva Vyadhir Nikrindha Nikrindha, Sarva Dhushtaan Paksha Paksha, Jwala Jihwe, Karaala Vakhtre, Karaala Dhamshtrey, Prathyangire Hreem Swaaha.

Sacred Venue: Rest assured, this impactful Homam will be meticulously performed at a potent temple, enhancing the divine efficacy of the ritual. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Maha Pratyangira Devi, unlocking positive transformations and spiritual rejuvenation.

Navagraha Shanthi Homam (9 Planet Fire Ritual)

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Benefits of Performing Homam (9 Planet Fire Ritual):

    1. Strength, Health, Wealth:
      • Invokes Galactic forces for robust health and financial abundance.
    2. Victory Over Enemies:
      • Harnesses cosmic energies for triumph over challenges.
    3. Intellect and Wisdom:
      • Seeks blessings for enhanced intellect and profound wisdom.
    4. Family Happiness, Good Relationships:
      • Creates harmonious family bonds and fosters positive relationships.
    5. Removal of Negative Effects:
      • Neutralizes and dispels all forms of negativity.

    In addition, this transformative ritual is conducted at a powerful temple, ensuring potent remedies for a life guided by celestial energies. Embark on a journey towards balance and prosperity.

Lakshmi Narasimha Homam (Lakshmi Narasimha Fire Ritual)

Original price was: $850.00.Current price is: $350.00.

Lakshmi Narasimha Homam

The meaning of Narasimha, Nara which means Human and Simha means Lion. Narasimha which means Half Human and Half Lion. Narasimha who’s body is of a Man and head is of Lion. It is considered as per the Vedic Scriptures and Text, that Lord Vishnu has taken this incarnation to kill an evil named Hiranyakashipu.


Ayush Homam


Ayush Homam (Ayur Homam) ceremony details:

  1. Ganapathi Sthapana: Begin by invoking Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, and seeking his blessings for the smooth conduct of the ceremony.
  2. Sankalpa and Aarti: Take a sacred vow or Sankalpa, stating your intention to perform Ayush Homam and seek the blessings of the divine. Conclude with an aarti, offering light to the deities.
  3. Ayush Pooja: Conduct the Ayush Pooja based on the individual’s birth nakshatra (birth star) for whom the Homa is being performed. Chant the Ayush Shuktha, a sacred hymn dedicated to longevity and well-being.
  4. Havan or Homam: Prepare the sacrificial fire and offer ghee, herbs, and sacred food grains into the fire while chanting the  Homam mantras. Seek the blessings of Ayur Devata and other divine beings.
  5. Conclusion: Conclude the Homa by offering a final oblation, poornahuti, and expressing gratitude to the divine for their blessings. Perform an aarti to conclude the ceremony.

The Heartwarming Tradition of Offering Food

The impact of offering food extends beyond the immediate recipients. It creates a positive ripple effect, inspiring others to engage in acts of kindness and reinforcing the idea that a shared meal has the power to create a more compassionate and interconnected world.

Offering Food for 5 Poor People


Offering Food for 5 Poor People

In the sacred tradition of service and compassion, we are honored to announce our initiative to provide nourishing meals to five individuals in need at our temple. This act of offering food is a profound way to honor the divine within each of us and to extend our compassion to those less fortunate.

The Spiritual Significance of Feeding the Hungry

In many spiritual traditions, temples are places of worship, community, and service. Offering food at the temple is a revered practice, symbolizing the divine principle of selfless giving. It is an act of humility and love, acknowledging that every soul deserves respect, dignity, and nourishment.

A Guide to Cosmic Insight and Self-Discovery

Vedic Astrology is a profound science that offers insights into one’s life path, character, and spiritual journey. This article delves into the rich tradition of Vedic Astrology, emphasizing its potential as a tool for cosmic guidance and self-discovery.

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It's important to note that the benefits of participating in Kalabhairava Jayanthi are deeply rooted in Hindu religious beliefs and can vary from person to person. Devotees may have specific intentions and goals when participating in the festival, and the significance of the occasion can be highly personal.

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