Temple Seva Service


The importance of performing the rituals only at the temple is most auspicious than performing at our home.

It is believed that the cosmic energize is present only at the location where the rituals are happening daily for the God and Goddess.



Temple Seva Service

Temple Seva Service

One of the most important Seva is performing rituals at a temple. It is believed that, when the rituals are been performed at many temples, we will be able to receive numerous numbers of positive benefits in our lives. 

Sponsorship for Building or Renovation of the Temple

Sponsorship for Building a temple or Renovating the Temple is a blessing or an opportunity to remove the karma that we have collected all these days.

Helping financially when it is required for renovating a very old temple or constructing a new temple. It brings us a positive vibration throughout our life.

Temple Seva Service
Temple Seva Service

Gho Seva

It is believed that Gho (Cow) is the representation of all the Gods and Goddess within. When we sponsor food or required material for Gho, we will receive blessings from all Gods and Goddesses.

Annadhanam ( Offering Food)

Offering food to people is similar to getting a blessing from your ancestors. It is assumed that when we offer food to elderly people or any poor it is considered that our ancestors are accepting it through them.

Temple Seva Service

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Participate in the daily Rituals and avail the blessing from your beloved Gods and Goddesses.

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