Tarot Broad Projection
Know the answers through Tarot Cards
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Astrovibz Tarot Card Spread

3 Cards from the Major Arcana

This reading is useful for simply "getting a snapshot" of how things are with you right now.

You can use it to find an answer to a particular query.

The Positions of the Cards Indicate:

1. Your Past
2. Your Present
3. Your Future

Note that it is a broad projection based on the number of queries that a million users submitted.

Select any 3 cards from the below 22 cards to get your broad projection.

The Empress
The Tower
The Devil
The Magician
The Fool
The Sun
The Emperor
The Star
The Hermit
The World
The High Prestess
The Hanged Man
The Moon
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
Wheel of Fortune

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