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Navagraha Mala

The Mala is made of Navaratna gemstones which are Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Cat Eye, Green Jade, Blue Sapphire, Crystal, Coral, and Gomed.Anyone can wear this Navagraha Mala if any of the planets are not balanced or more than 2 planets are not aligned properly.Benefits of Navagraha Mala:
  1. This Navagraha Mala will remove the malefic effect on all nine planets.
  2. Wearing this rosary will strengthen your will and bring prosperity.
  3. It will unleash a new source of energy in you.
  4. It is a beautiful rosary to wear around the neck and especially looks good in any attire.
  5. It helps to gain wealth and prosperity.
  6. It helps to remove obstacles in one’s path due to any planetary problem.

Pure Tulsi Mala

Pure Tulsi Mala is made from the family of basil plants which is the most auspicious and sacred of all the wood in the Hindu Tradition. This is considered as Goddess Lakshmi and the Tulsi Leafs are offered to Lord Vishnu during the prayers.Benefits of Tulsi Mala:
  1. It maintains ritual purity and wards off evil.
  2. It also purifies the body and mind.
  3. It helps us to remove stress and restore peace of mind.
  4. It also helps us to gain good health.