Prasanam Nadi Astrology

What is Prasanam Nadi Astrology ( 5 Questions)?

In this present world, there are a tremendous amount of uncertainties in which every soul experiences. This is due to the lack of realization in life. In the olden day’s Maharishis have designed a platform to get clarity based on time karma management.

Prasanam Nadi Astrology gives the moment of truth and realities based on the questions that arise in a person’s mind.

  • It is a beneficial and dynamic branch of Astrology.
  • It is the moment of truth or reality predicted by our Astrologer to foreshow futurity.
  • It is the forerunner of good and evil realities thru celestial evidence.

Benefits of Prasanam Nadi Astrology ( 5 Question )

It is the perfect divine methodology for making a strategic and tactical decision.

Prasanam Nadi Astrology is a beneficial astrological service to get clarity on the moment of truth to open the truth of time base on the karmic confusions of mind of the individual.

If a person is stuck up in their thoughts then Prasanam Nadi Astrology is the key.

It is the energy of the Almighty which is involved in getting the clarity to resolve the confusion suffered by the person.

It helps the person to take the right decision and be more proactive and do things right in the right way.

How to Proceed to Avail Prasanam Nadi Astrology ( 5 Question )?

A person should place their orders for the Prasanam Nadi Astrology along with the  5  questions that come to mind. The Astrologer would generate the chart of the members and also the current kotchara planetary position and answer the questions about what is at stake for the Person. The person would be given time to ask questions to further have clarity after the completion of the session.

Please avail of this service:

  • Whenever you are stuck in your life
  • Whenever you are cornered
  • Whenever you are not able to make a decision
  • Whenever you are in anxiety about know future in life

Note: A person must complete the Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Nadi with us for taking this Prasanam Nadi Astrology Service. The 5 Questions will be answered via email.

Prasanam Nadi Astrology ( 5 Question)

The conception of the question is the thought, which enters one’s mind in which the astrologer would be able to zero in on the truth of the answer.

The person is eligible to ask five questions which arise in his/her mind which he/she is struggling to get an answer or clarity.

The person should have done the Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Nadi before with us.

The person should know exactly what he wants to know without confusion.

Preferably the date and the time in which the questions arise in the mind can be mentioned.

The person should restrict to 5 questions only.

The person should avail this service when it is required and not recommended to take this unwantedly.


*Please note that once you have placed the order for Prasanam Nadi, you have to send your respective thumb impression with the 5 question that you would like to ask. You can email us at

For Male: Right hand thumb impression

For Female: Left hand thumb impression

Prasanam Nadi Astrology ( 5 Question )

  • Prasana Nadi Astrology provides answers to specific problems.
  • Guidance and advice are offered based on Prasanam Leaves.
  • Seek resolutions for long-standing unanswered questions.
  • Formulate five specific questions you wish to address.
  • Directly inquire about the issues that have been perplexing you.
  • Obtain insights and solutions through the wisdom of Prasana Nadi Astrology.