Karungali can the balance the tridooshas called the vattha, pittha and kapha and remove the excess heat from the body and keeps the body fresh and clean. Karungali soaked water can be used for bathing to cure skin related problems, soak the karungali wood in water overnight and use it


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Karungali Bracelet 10MM

The English word for Karungali is "Ebony." The ebony tree produces a particular kind of wood. Chronic illnesses can also be treated with it. More health benefits are provided by this tree, which is also growing. Alternatively, we can immerse this wood in bathwater and take a bath with it to treat skin conditions.All of the wood used to create this item is ebony. For Hindus, the karungali tree is a sacred tree.The owner of these goods will be prosperous and in excellent health.Benefits of Karungali Wood
  • Symbol of Good Fortune to Draw Wealth
  • Universal Positive Energy
  • provides mental and physical relaxation.
  • good vibrations that are constructive
  • bring success career growth.
  • peace of mind removal.
  • avoidance of cash shortages.
  • barriers to victory elimination.
  • laziness anxiety and mental fear.
It is also said that when we wear this Karungali Wood Bracelet, we will be able to easily destroy the evil eyes and other bad effects.