Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya General

Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya General Kandam - Chapter 1:
  • Predicts lifestyle from current age to end of life.
  • Covers every life aspect in 12 sectors.
  • Identifies astrological evidence and birth details.
  • Overall predictions crucial for the future.
  • Provides family evidence for soul validation.
  • Identifies weaker and stronger future life periods.
  • Advises do’s, don’ts, ifs, and buts of life.

Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya Nadi Deeksha

Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya Nadi Deeksha Remedies - Chapter 14:
  • Identifies current negative influences.
  • Addresses unfavorable planetary positions.
  • Targets evil eye casting by jealous individuals.
  • Prime reasons for crises or obstacles.
  • Offers divine remedies for crisis resolution.
  • Aims to eliminate obstacles and usher in positivity.
The remedies outlined in Chapter 14 are not mere suggestions; they are a profound spiritual prescription aimed at eliminating obstacles and ushering in positivity. By identifying and rectifying the malefic influences, Deeksha Remedies pave the way for a harmonious and transformative life experience.


This Package Includes the Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya Nadi Nadi Chapters:GENERAL KANDAM - Chapter 1SHANTHI REMEDIES - Chapter 13DEEKSHA REMEDIES - Chapter 14Also, the remedies of Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 by Proxy.The price mentioned above covers only the Poojas performed inside the temple and energization of the Raksha Plate.This price does not include:
  • Additional remedies like food feeding or sponsoring of clothes, sponsoring dress to married women, performing Homas or special Abishekam etc.
  • A Silver/Gold Amulet
  • Remedies other than the ones prescribed in your Nadi reading.

Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya Nadi Shanthi Kandam

Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya Nadi Shanthi Kandam - Chapter 13
  • Key chapter to unlock karmas.
  • Negates Graha doshas and reduces sins’ intensity.
  • Reveals soul connectivity and karmic evidence.
  • Addresses current Graha Doshas for lifestyle impact.
  • Provides divine temple remedies for suffering reduction.
  • Aims to alter destiny for betterment.
As a beacon of hope, SHANTHI REMEDIES offers divine temple remedies, intricately designed to alleviate suffering and reshape destiny for the better. It goes beyond conventional astrological practices, aiming to bring about a transformative shift in the cosmic energies that govern an individual's path.

Sivavakkiyar Sukshama Nadi – General Chapter 1

Sukshama Nadi General Kandam - Chapter 1This Chapter predicts the General lifestyle information from the current age till the end of Life. It covers every aspect of life in the 12 sectors in general. It helps you to identify the Astrological evidences and birth details and covers the Overall predictions which are of importance in future. It provides family shreds of evidence to prove that this Nadi prediction belongs to that soul. It helps to identify the weaker and stronger period of the future life. The do’s and don’t and if’s and but’s of life. It covers the out of the karmic evidence and advises the Remedies.

Sivavakkiyar Sukshama Nadi Reading

Sivavakkiyar Sukshama Nadi ReadingGeneral Kandam - Chapter 1:SHANTHI REMEDIES - Chapter 13:DEEKSHA REMEDIES - Chapter 14: 

Sivavakkiyar Thuliya Nadi Reading

Sivavakkiyar Maharishi Thuliya Nadi ReadingGeneral Kandam - Chapter 1:SHANTHI REMEDIES - Chapter 13:DEEKSHA REMEDIES - Chapter 14: 

Thuliya Chapter 10 – Business, Career and Profession

Thuliya Chapter 10Do you have fear of uncertainty in terms of finding a job and earning income matching your potential and stature?This chapter divine prediction gives vital future prophecies about your profession and career and the ups and downs you might face and what  Business and change in job that would suit you to earn a good income and lifestyle improvement.

Thuliya Chapter 11 – Second Marriage and Profits

Thuliya Chapter 11If you have the desire to be a magnate or would like an idea about your Business profits this chapter is more ideal for you. This chapter also gives predictions about who is separated from their first life partner and whether they are destined to get into a second marriage and their future life.

Thuliya Chapter 12 – Expenditure or Loss, foreign trip and Next Birth Incarnation

Thuliya Chapter 12Based on your karma management you would like to know whether you have the next birth or you attain moksha from this divine chapter and liberate yourself from the continuous cycle of birth and death. It also gives predictions about your foreign trips and also expenditure and losses in this current life.

Thuliya Chapter 2 – Finance and Family

Thuliya Chapter 2This chapter reveals your current financial potential status and future opportunities. It gives predictions about your communication ability and dental/Eye related issues. It helps you with an eyes opener to avoid wasteful expenditure and lessen the financial burden. It helps to redefine your life to lead healthy and wealthy and blissful life with your family members.

Thuliya Chapter 3 – Siblings

Thuliya Chapter 3It covers the sibling’s details about who is alive and the relationships at various stages in life. It also reveals your courage to handle future untoward